Bass-Mollett's old legacy software which went by the name of Precious Memories Cloud and Reflections of Life Cloud (The old Microsoft Word versions) are currently down as of February 10, 2019. A recent security update to the web servers by our provider has made this legacy software nonoperational. 


  Most users have already transitioned over to our new flagship software, Directors Print Suite, but if you haven't, you may be effected. 

The good news is you can transition easily!! Two additional pieces of good news: our customer tech support recently became 24/7, so we are here to help you transition any time; and, the paper for Director’s Print Suite is the same paper you are currently using, so you can being using Director’s Print Suite right away. So we recommend, if you haven't already done so, go to and sign yourself up today to get started. 

 We are confident that you will find this intuitive and easy-to-use.


Why did our software become nonoperational?


Without becoming too technical, the update that rendered this legacy software nonoperational was NOT carried out by Bass-Mollett. We used a scripting language called PHP. Vulnerabilities were found in this open source language and an update was carried out due to a global security issue that left computers at risk worldwide. The update of the language eliminated this possible security risk, keeping all secure family information used by your funeral home safe; past, present, and future.


Was my funeral home put at risk?


No, this was a proactive update that canceled out any security risk before any information was breached.


How can I print service items for my family right now?


We have re-created Microsoft Word Templates to allow you to continue printing as you have been until you are able to comfortably learn Director’s Print Suite. For access to these templates please contact our IT department at 1-855-277-0436 or CLICK HERE.


Will this problem ever occur again?


There is potential for this to happen again if your firm only continues to use the temporary Microsoft Word Templates. We strongly encourage you to transition to Director’s Print Suite at your earliest convenience as we are unable to prevent Microsoft from continuing to update their systems, potentially rendering our re-created Microsoft Word Templates nonoperational at some future date.


This is why we started 3 years ago from the ground up designing and building DPS so we have complete control of the platform in the future.


Why is transitioning to Director’s Print Suite a better option?


It is fully operational, easier to use once learned, prints on the same paper you are already using, and offers your funeral home three printing options to help you better serve your families.


By not switching to our new cloud platform you are at risk of Microsoft making a change that is beyond Bass-Mollett’s control and rendering your Word Templates useless.


Bass-Mollett has complete control of the software offered in Director’s Print Suite, and therefore we are able to control future updates. Because of this control, we can guarantee Director’s Print Suite would never be rendered nonoperational. This program was designed with the security needs it mind, also keeping your funeral home completely secure.


I’m confused about what software I am running; can you help?


Of Course! Here is a history of Bass-Mollett Software from the beginning. If you have further questions, please contact your sales representative or our IT department.


CD Programs 2002 – 2012   (AT RISK)


Reflections of Life

Square Candle

Temporary Grave Marker

Small Round Candle

Large Round Candle

Directory Signs


·         These were distributed via CD and direct download which installed locally onto your personal computer.

·         These computer programs are still supported on windows 7 and below. This should be a temporary solution during your transition to DPS.

·         Any version of Windows past 7 is not supported, but you can continue run in compatibility mode at your own risk


Online Word Templates 2013 – 2017   (AT RISK)


These programs were a hybrid of word templates hosted on the websites and a local

database installed on the your which allowed a single data entry for all the

deceased data used for printing. All of the CD Programs were combined into two printing solutions:


Reflections of Life Cloud

Web Address:


Precious Memories Cloud

Web address:


·         Due to changes beyond Bass-Mollett’s control, this platform was rendered useless by changes to the programming language due to global security concerns.

·         This was a proactive security measure by BM to ensure the safety of your firms and family’s data.

·         Bass-Mollett no longer supports this legacy program due to ongoing security concerns.


Directors Print Suite 2017 - Present   


DPS was designed from the ground up as a completely new platform for today’s computers, printers, and internet technologies. We have moved away from word templates (which we cannot control) and combined all printing styles and products into one single cloud solution.


As a 100% cloud-based program, we are able to update and enhance our printing solution in the future without any more surprises or security concerns. We can guarantee once you learn this new and more efficient way to print your stationery, it will be the last transition you will need to make.


Please make this transition a priority to your funeral business. Your sales representative and our 24/7 Support team are here to help.



How can we transition to Director’s Print Suite?


·         Create a free account now at

·         We are the only company to offer 24 -hour tech support 7 days a week; we are always available to help you.

·         We provide free, on-site, in person, training on our Director’s Print Suite software.

·         We have step-by-step online tutorials explaining everything our software offers for continued training.

·         Weekly webinars help you stay up-to-date on software offerings and new benefits.

·         Call our Tech-Support today to access any information listed above. 1-855-277-0436

·         The sale representative you know, and trust can help you through this transition. 

Training Options

Weekly Webinars

We offer Directors Print Suite Webinars Every Thursday at 9am and 3pm CST

Please join our meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

You can also dial in using your phone. United States: +1 (312) 757-3121 Access Code: 930-621-093

Self Help Options

We offer a full online library of how to videos

Let us help you personally

Let us help anytime 855-277-0436. 24/7/365!!


Remember we are always here for you and work when you work, you have access to our team 24/7/365 to answer any questions or to get you pointed in the right directions to moving over.
Let us help anytime 855-277-0436. 24/7/365!!